Megan Ashley Detwiler

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 130 lbs.

Hometown: San Angelo, Texas

High School: San Angelo Central

College: Angelo State University

Birthdate: November 9, 1988

Best Concert: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Favorite Activities: Playing sports, working out, laying out, going to the pool, going to water parks and going to basketball or football games

Favorite Actors: Josh Hartnett and Shia LaBeouf

Favorite Actress: Jessica Biel

Favorite Books: The Twilight Series

Favorite Colors: Green and Blue

Favorite Movies: Armageddon, Never Back Down, Transformers

Favorite Song To Sing: “Cut” by Plumb

Favorite TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad

Foods I Crave: Pastas

Guilty Pleasures: Caramel

Jobs: Bartending, Serving and Modeling

My Celebrity Girl Crush: Megan Fox

People I Admire: Girl Fitness Models

Pets: Cats, Dogs, Ferret

Places I Want To Travel To: Italy

Sports Played: Soccer, Swimming and Track

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